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Hello! Bonjour! 안녕하세요! こんにちは! I love different languages! Anything foreign >.< Piano, the arts, lemonade, pineapple. Born and raised in California. yahh most posts : kpop
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Mark’s baby

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Leader JB describes his members

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Had a dream last night that I became close to CNU and hugged him, then I got to meet Jonghyun and hugged him, then I became bffs with Ha Neul. THIS IS WHY I DONT LIKE WAKING UP. CURSE YOU REALITY.

"And I just got broken,
Broken into two,
Still I call it magic,
When I’m next to you.”

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a masterpost of americans coming for my spelling

my bad

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when you’re with your mom ,and she runs into someone she knows at the grocery store-


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Taemin and his dorky hyungs ^^;;

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Fan: You are cool but you’ll be much cooler if you reply to my tweet
Jackson: Am I cooler now? please change “anastasia_(tuan)” to wang.

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 "Mark has emotions!" 

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